Tristan / Iseult – Live performer, DJ and event promoter in the Phoenix, Arizona underground since 1998.

Will be playing live techno for a world-without-us ::: electronic winds that propel evil spirits

Tristan/Iseult is the nihilistic techno project of longtime Phoenix DJ and promoter Robert Poe, which began as a live side-project of Λ∅n when Poe was asked to open for the Swedish techno duo SHXCXCHCXSH at Der Bunker a few years back.  Thematically, the project revolves around an atheist and nihilist interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, and just like Dante’s downward circling journey towards the center of Hell, Tristan/Iseult’s live performance is a process of revealing torments (personal, social and political).  Industrial rhythms and suffocating textures are layered with drum machines and an extensive modular synthesizer rig.  Intensity and improvisation are important aspects of the live show, eschewing the use of backing tracks or laptop-driven arrangements commonly associated with many electronic music performances.  Tristan/Iseult strives for a sonic intensity that reflects the fear of a world-without-us.